Dr. Robert Foote


Dr. Bob Foote leads our Honduras eye care mission trip. To date he has been part of more than 45 eye teams.

Jill Cole

Director - Secretary

Leads our Mexico eye care mission trip.

Mr. Raymond Brzezinski

Director - Treasurer

Nuclear Electronic/Instrumentation Engineer – Retired. Taken several mission trips as part of VOSH-MI, primarily to Honduras.

Dr. Nelson Edwards


Dr. Nelson Edwards leads our Egypt and Kenya eye care mission trips. To date he has led over 50 eye mission trips around the world.

Dr. Daniel Wrubel

Director - Advisor to SVOSH, Ferris State University

Advisor to our SVOSH chapter at Ferris State University. Leads our Dominica eye care trip.

Dr. Richard W. Rademacher


Dr. Heidi Schefferly


Optometrist that resides and practices in Jackson MI. Have been a member of VOSH since 1996.

Mr. Richard Gross


Gerry Jackson

Director - Website Manager

Professional Engineer - semi retired. Leads our Guatemala eye care mission trip.